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Nevertheless, Colt will once again have a. Up to this point, the Cobra line, introduced inhas focused on snubbie. Though, since its inception, the guns have sparked hope a magnum chambering would someday be in the works. Released inthe original King Cobra had a fitful production run that came to an end in While it looked and was named like it was spawn of the mighty Python, in actuality, it was based off an older revolver design — the Trooper Mark V. Despite a relatively short run, the 6-round revolver made a name for itself as extremely strong, with a fast and short hammer drop. Staying fairly true to its namesake, the new Colt King Cobra has many of the appealing points of its predecessor, yet is updated to appeal to modern revolver dating a colt king cobra. Most definitely, its terse size is meant to increase the ounce.

The King Cobra will be available in January through Colt stocking dealers. The all-new King Cobra features American Stainless Steel construction, a heavy duty frame with a full- lug 3 in. The company has supplied civilian, military and law enforcement customers in the United States and throughout the world for more than years. Colt operates its manufacturing facilities in West Hartford, Conn. For more information on Colt and dating a colt king cobra subsidiaries, please visit www. Happy to see Colt finally getting their heads out of their behinds and releasing new revolvers. I picked up a Cobra in and love it. They only made of them.

Small, lightweight. Colt introduced their new. The assembled writers remembered the steel Detective Special dating a colt king cobra the aluminum framed Cobra discontinued in so this new steel framed Cobra seemed misnamed to some.
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First introduced inthe Colt King Cobra is a medium frame double-action revolver featuring a six round cylinder which was designed and produced by the Colt's Manufacturing Company and marketed to law enforcement agencies and civilian firearms enthusiasts. Available in blued and stainless steel finishes in a variety of barrel lengths and chambered for centerfire. Despite its outward similarity to the Colt Dating a colt king cobra[2] the King Cobra design is based upon that of an earlier Colt model, the venerable Trooper MK V, improved with the addition of a heavier-duty barrel, full barrel length cylinder ejection rod protection shroud, and a thicker solid rib on top of the barrel. The King Cobra was introduced indiscontinued inand returned to Colt's product line in Dropped a second time init was not reintroduced until as a. From and matte stainless steel was offered, and from the option of polished stainless steel became available as well. King Cobras are equipped with either oversized Walnut target-style or hard rubber black finger-grooved combat-style gripsand an enlarged target hammer. In blued steel models, 4 and 6 inch barrels were available from until the blued guns were dropped from production inalso a 2.

Dating a colt king cobra concluding the Field Test results I will offer my personal conclusions. The new Colt King Cobra sports a three-inch barrel that is dressed up with a pleasing full underlug. The muzzle crown is deeply recessed, which both protects the crown and presents a certain aesthetic appeal. Atop the barrel sits a front sight post that I will address separately, further along in this review. Below the barrel is what I consider to be a partial length guide rod with a sharply knurled tip that is shrouded by the underlug.

Hope was revived with the relaunch of the faithful Model Series 70 infollowed by the surprise reincarnation of the Cobra series in Introduced in and discontinued inthe King Cobra returned in until it went dormant again in where it remained for another 20 years. But does it deserve the reputation possessed by other Colt snake guns? Colt responded with the King Cobra, which was easier to manufacture than other revolvers. Fiscally, the decision to kill the King Cobra was easy. Calls for one chambered in. When we designed the Cobra, we knew dating a colt king cobra wanted to build a.
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